Shivering Isles, Map of The Fringe

Passwall sits in the Fringe of the Shivering Isles. It's where the supplicants wait while the Blessing of Sheogorath takes hold.

  • Through the Fringe of Madness: Get past the Gates of Madness.
  • Retaking The Fringe: Defend The Fringe and stop the Forces of Order.
  • Dredhwen, The Wastrel's Purse - Merchant (Armor, Weapons, Misc.)
  • Shelden, the "Mayor of Passwall"
  • Jayred Ice-Veins, a Nord sharpshooter
  • Relmyna Verenim, a powerful Sorceress
  • Nanette Don, Relmyna Verenim's latest apprentice
  • Felas Sarandas, a sufferer from mysophobia
  • Aurig Desha, a Golden Saint officer1
  • Grakendo Udico, a Dark Seducer Officer1

1This person only appears during Retaking The Fringe.

Map of The Fringe

The Fringe: 1. Door to Cyrodiil, 2. Gardens of Flesh and Bone, 3. Xeddefen, 4. Mania Entrance, 5. Dementia Entrance

Passwall: 6. Jayred's House, 7. The Wastrel's Purse, 8. Shelden's House, 9. Nanette Don's House